AHFC Building Monitoring

Training Material and Reports

User Manuals and Training Videos that are helpful for learning about using BMON and performing System Administration tasks.

User Manual and Detailed Documentation

The User Guide contains information about selecting important sensors for building monitoring, setting up a BMON system, and analyzing the data collected using tools available in BMON. This is not comprehensive documentation of BMON, but it addresses the basic features of the system and guides through important setup tasks.

The Detailed Documentation provides more in-depth and comprehensive information for the features in BMON.

Training Videos for Viewing and Analyzing BMON Data

These videos explain how to use the graphing and reporting tools available in BMON. They are also present in the User Guide linked to above.

Link to Video Description
Plot Sensor Values over Time (11 minutes) This video explains how to access and use the Plot Sensor Values over Time Graph, which can plot one or more sensors across a time period.
Sensor X vs Y Scatter Plot (12 minutes) This video explains the X vs Y Scatter Plot graph, which allows you to plot the relationship between two sensors values. For example, you can see how fuel usage varies with outdoor temperature.
Hourly Profile Plots (11 minutes) This video explains the Hourly Profile Plot, which is useful for seeing how a sensor value varies across hours in the day. The hourly profile can also be separated by different days of the week.
Other Reports and Graphs (7 minutes) This video reviews the various other graphs and reports that are available in BMON.
Custom Reports (11 minutes) Custom Reports allow you to combine one or more graphs into one report and be able to easily rerun the set of graphs. This video shows how to set up and run a Custom Report.

Training Videos for Installing Sensors and Configuring BMON

These videos are for people who need to set up and configure a BMON system. These System Administration functions are only available to a few BMON users and are not important for those just wishing to view and analyze the BMON data. These videos are also present in the User Guide linked to above.

Link to Video Description
Wiring External Sensor to Elsys ELT (9 minutes) This video gives some tips on wiring an external sensor to the Elsys ELT-2 and ELT-Lite sensors, focusing on a pulse output external sensor as an example.
System Administrator Interface (8 minutes) This video explains the purpose of the BMON System Administrator interface, shows how to access it, and gives an overview of how to use it.
Add a New Building, Basic Information (8 minutes) This video shows how to add and enter the basic required information for a New Building in BMON.
Advanced Building Information: Occupied Schedule & Additional Description (10 minutes) Entering an occupied schedule and adding additional descriptive information about the building are covered in this Video.
How to use Unassigned Sensors when Setting Up New Sensors (5 minutes) When setting up new sensors in BMON, you need to know the Sensor ID of each sensor you are trying to configure. This video shows how to easily retrieve that ID for sensors that are already reporting into BMON but have not yet been set up in the system.
Basic Steps for Adding a New Sensor (11 minutes) This video walks through the process of setting a new Sensor in BMON and assigning it to a Building and a Sensor Group within that Building.
Editing Sensor Information (7 minutes) Sometimes it is necessary to edit information about an existing sensor. This video shows how to locate an existing sensor when the list of sensors in BMON is long.
Getting National Weather Service Temperature and Wind Data (15 minutes) This video shows how to create virtual temperature and wind "sensors" by accessing National Weather Service data across the Internet.
Identifying & Entering Key Sensors for Energy Reports (11 minutes) Energy Reports are one of the analysis tools that BMON provides. These reports give graphs and information that help you identify possible energy savings in your buildings. The use of Energy Reports requires that you provide additional configuration information to BMON, e.g. identifying the best outdoor temperature sensor to associate with a building. This video shows how to do that.
Choosing Sensors to Display on the Building Dashboard (10 minutes) This video helps you choose which sensors to include on the Dashboard that BMON allows you to create for each building.
Adding Custom Reports and Links to the Dashboard (6 minutes) Building Dashboards can be enhanced with detailed graphs and other links. This video shows how to use these more advanced features of Dashboards.
Creating Alerts and assigning Recipients (6 minutes) BMON allows creation of "Alerts" that will notify you when dangerous conditions or conditions requiring attention occur. This video shows you how to set up Alerts.


Thanks to the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation for funding development of most of the BMON Open Source Software used to build this site.

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